March 12, 2019

AWC Brand

Brand Refresh Project Wraps

In September, leadership from the RSI Home Products plants, sales offices and the American Woodmark Corporate Branding team kicked off a brand refresh project. The intent was to update the exterior and interior signage to the new American Woodmark branding, working from an audit of the current reality.

The project was broken into buckets – exterior signage, replacement interior signage, interior signage to be covered and an announcement to be held. Over the course of approximately five months, RSI plants and sales offices across the country worked with employees and local vendors to implement the changes. Exterior signage was ordered, lobby signs refreshed, mission statement posters posted and an announcement was made at all locations.

The project was not without a few bumps along the way – including an early winter snowfall delaying North Carolina signage installation and an unforeseen permitting issue in Texas. However, collaboration and problem-solving ensured that the project was completed.

The project was extensive and complex, requiring a diligent eye and attention to detail. It could not have been completed without the dedication, focus and energy from all team members.

As the refresh project wraps, the plants and sales offices are in tip-top shape with updated branding and a warm welcome to the American Woodmark family.